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Welcome to Betta Splendens where you can browse the site for information about Bettas. You can also buy imported and UK bred Bettas that are for sale on my stockpages, my breeding bettas dvd, live food for bettas, Almond leaves and other betta related products. I sell a choice of quality Thailand imported Bettas or Bettas bred by myself here in my tanks in the Uk. I also sell and breed halfmoon bettas, crowntail bettas, double tail bettas and plakats. I have male and female bettas for sale and also from time to time I have breeding pairs of bettas.

The bettasplendens website was set up five years ago to sell my dvd and provide information on Bettas. Recently I have built a fishroom in my garage and have taken up breeding Bettas again. When I was looking forBetta stock for sale I was amazed at how many sites boastedbetta stock shops but when you clicked the link they were empty. With that in mind I decided to offer my breeding stock and some of the imported Bettas that I have. Providing there is a demand for the Bettas I hope to make regular imports so that I can offer a choice of quality fish. VIEW MY LATEST STOCK

Betta dvd

My interest in filming Bettas came about after I made the first ever video on Oscars. I then began to film Bettas spawning and eventually produced the 48 minute dvd which I now sell on this site. The dvd is a step by step guide to keeping and breeding Bettas. The dvd is available on region free disc so will play anywhere in the world. I have sold copies of the dvd all over the world in the last five years. The price of the dvd is £7.99 which includes free worldwide postage. I also download several clips per week to you tube depending upon whats happening with the Bettas. I have recently been posting the footage of the new imports that I have had . You can find my you tube channel by clicking the link on the left hand side and then keep in touch by subscribing to my channel. Please note, the design on the disc may varyVIEW OUR DVD PAGE

Imported Bettas & UK bred Bettas

As well as offering quality imported Bettas, I also sell Bettas that I have bred myself in my recently constructed fish room. I currently set up around ten spawnings every month giving a steady supply of UK bred Bettas. The beauty of buying UK bred ones is the fact that I can guarantee the age of the fish. I am currently breeding half moon bettas , doubletails and crowntails. I have been using some marbled females to breed with and have had some great males and females from the resulting spawns. Having imported some males and females, I have kept back some of them to breed with and hopefully will be producing home bred that will match imorted ones.VIEW MY IMPORTED STOCK

Betta community

Betta splendens.co.uk is not just a site about buying Bettas, it is a site where I hope to build a betta community. I have a free newsletter for anyone who wishes to subscribe which is e-mailed to you at the beginning of each month. I post regularly on Twitter (check out the link) to let people instantly know what is going on that day in my fishroom and I post as many video clips of Bettas as I can. So its not just about buying and selling it's about keeping in touch and sharing information experiences and images. VIEW OUR COMMUNITY PAGE

Betta Stock


My love of filming bettas started back in tthe 90's, when I began to film footage for my first video which was about breeding Oscars. At the time I started to breed Bettas as well and enjoyed flming them. Later I used foootge that I shot to make the Betta film. I then shot more film for my Oscar dvd's which I now have two of. One is about breeding Oscars the other is a keeping Oscars dvd. My latest release is an Angel fish care and breeding dvd which is shot in high definition

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I have several pages dedicated to looking after bettas and breeding them if you want to know more about bettas click on the link below.

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